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• Despite the great agricultural and ecological importance of efficient use of urea-containing nitrogen fertilizers by crops, molecular and physiological identities of urea transport in higher plants have been investigated only in Arabidopsis. • We performed short-time urea-influx assays which have identified a low-affinity and high-affinity (K(m) of 7.55(More)
To investigate the changes in respiratory function of COPD patients with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (OVCFs) after kyphoplasty (KP). Pain scores, pulmonary function parameters (PFT), and local kyphotic angle (LKA) were measured in 31 older patients (25 women, 6 men) with OVCFs before, 3 days after and 3 months after kyphoplasty. The(More)
Web user profiling, as the technology to improve the Web site service and design by learning the characters of the user, is increasingly used today. And the contradiction in this technology between the collection of personal data and user privacy has attracted attention recently. To alleviate this contradiction, This work provides a new profiling approach,(More)
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