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We have produced a draft sequence of the rice genome for the most widely cultivated subspecies in China, Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica, by whole-genome shotgun sequencing. The genome was 466 megabases in size, with an estimated 46,022 to 55,615 genes. Functional coverage in the assembled sequences was 92.0%. About 42.2% of the genome was in exact(More)
Energy has become a first-class design constraint in computer systems. Memory is a significant contributor to total system power. This paper introduces Flikker, an application-level technique to reduce refresh power in DRAM memories. Flikker enables developers to specify critical and non-critical data in programs and the runtime system allocates this data(More)
Representation learning of knowledge bases (KBs) aims to embed both entities and relations into a low-dimensional space. Most existing methods only consider direct relations in representation learning. We argue that multiple-step relation paths also contain rich inference patterns between entities, and propose a pathbased representation learning model. This(More)
Most biological processes are mediated by interactions between proteins and their interacting partners including proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules. This work establishes a method called PINUP for binding site prediction of monomeric proteins. With only two weight parameters to optimize, PINUP produces not only 42.2% coverage of actual interfaces(More)
Establishment and maintenance of proper architecture is essential for endoplasmic reticulum (ER) function. Homotypic membrane fusion is required for ER biogenesis and maintenance, and has been shown to depend on GTP hydrolysis. Here we demonstrate that Drosophila Atlastin--the fly homologue of the mammalian GTPase atlastin 1 involved in hereditary spastic(More)
Structure prediction on a genomic scale requires a simplified energy function that can efficiently sample the conformational space of polypeptide chains. A good energy function at minimum should discriminate native structures against decoys. Here, we show that a recently developed, residue-specific, all-atom knowledge-based potential (167 atomic types)(More)
Sec1 proteins are critical players in membrane trafficking, yet their precise role remains unknown. We have examined the role of Sec1p in the regulation of post-Golgi secretion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Indirect immunofluorescence shows that endogenous Sec1p is found primarily at the bud neck in newly budded cells and in patches broadly distributed(More)
We describe an atlas of the C57BL/6 mouse brain based on MRI and conventional Nissl histology. Magnetic resonance microscopy was performed on a total of 14 specimens that were actively stained to enhance tissue contrast. Images were acquired with three different MR protocols yielding contrast dependent on spin lattice relaxation (T1), spin spin relaxation(More)
RNA-Seq has emerged as a revolutionary technology for transcriptome analysis. In this article, we report a systematic comparison of RNA-Seq and high-density exon array for detecting differential gene expression between closely related species. On a panel of human/chimpanzee/rhesus cerebellum RNA samples previously examined by the high-density human exon(More)
In Data Stream Management Systems (DSMSs), query processing has to meet various Quality-of-Service (QoS) requirements. In many data stream applications, processing delay is the most critical quality requirement since the value of query results decreases dramatically over time. The ability to remain within a desired level of delay is significantly hampered(More)