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A role for the Pax-6 homologue eyeless in adult Drosophila brain development and function is described. eyeless expression is detected in neurons, but not glial cells, of the mushroom bodies, the medullar cortex, the lateral horn, and the pars intercerebralis. Furthermore, severe defects in adult brain structures essential for vision, olfaction, and for the(More)
This article represents the proceedings of a symposium at the 2000 ISBRA Meeting in Yokohama, Japan. The chairs were Izuru Matusmoto and Peter A. Wilce. The presentations were (1) GABA receptor subunit expression in the human alcoholic brain, by Tracey Buckley and Peter Dodd; (2) NMDAR gene expression during ethanol addiction, by Jorg Puzke, Rainer(More)
AIM To study the gene structure encoding some antigenic polypeptides of plerocercoid of Spirometra erinaceieuropaei (SEP). METHODS A cDNA library constructed from SEP was immunoscreened using mouse anti-SEP polyclonal antibody. The gene structure was analyzed by computer after the insert of positive clone was subcloned and the nucleotide sequences of the(More)
A high-throughput, in-vitro assay for Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) insecticidal proteins designated as Cry was developed and evaluated for screening a large number of Cry protein variants produced by DNA shuffling. This automation-amenable assay exploits an insect cell line expressing a single receptor of Bt Cry proteins. The Cry toxin used to develop this(More)
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