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BACKGROUND Human enteroviruses (HEVs) are a major cause of herpangina, HFMD (hand, foot, and mouth disease), and other neurological diseases in Seoul, Korea. METHODS A total of 56 specimens from hospitalized patients collected from February to December 2009 (37 females and 19 males) in Seoul were tested for HEV from stool, throat swab, and vesicle swab(More)
The neutron activation system (NAS) measures neutron fluence at the first wall and the total neutron flux from the ITER plasma, providing evaluation of the fusion power for all operational phases. The pneumatic transfer system (PTS) is one of the key components of the NAS for the proper operation of the system, playing a role of transferring encapsulated(More)
A neutron activation system utilizing an encapsulated metal sample technique will be implemented to evaluate total fusion power from ITER plasma. The positions of seven irradiation ends for each poloidal section are determined to optimize the measurements from asymmetric, elongated plasma with minimum uncertainty. To determine the exact location of the(More)
The ITER vacuum ultra-violet (VUV) core survey spectrometer has been designed as a 5-channel spectral system so that the high spectral resolving power of 200-500 could be achieved in the wavelength range of 2.4-160 nm. To verify the design of the ITER VUV core survey spectrometer, a two-channel prototype spectrometer was developed. As a subsequent step of(More)
To optimize the design of ITER vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectrometer, a prototype VUV spectrometer was developed. The sensitivity calibration curve of the spectrometer was calculated from the mirror reflectivity, the grating efficiency, and the detector efficiency. The calibration curve was consistent with the calibration points derived in the experiment(More)
To improve the problem that the parameter identification for fuzzy neural network has many time complexities in calculating, an improved T-S fuzzy inference method and an parameter identification method for fuzzy neural network are proposed. It mainly includes three parts. First, improved fuzzy inference method based on production term for T-S Fuzzy model(More)
A vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectrometer of a five-channel spectral system is designed for ITER main plasma impurity measurement. To develop and verify the system design, a two-channel prototype system is fabricated with No. 3 (14.4-31.8 nm) and No. 4 (29.0-60.0 nm) among the five channels. The optical system consists of a collimating mirror to collect the(More)
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