Song-Hiang Chia

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The concepts, requirements, and technologies of Europe's third generation mobile communication system-the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)-are discussed. The cellular architecture, radio resource, adaptive resource allocation and handover enabling techniques for realizing an effective UMTS access network are described. The modulation(More)
Ant colony optimization (ACO) is a new evolvement algorithm that is proposed by Dorigo M., and solves some task allocation and target search problems to program the motion path searching food. The topic of the article uses the ant colony optimization algorithm to mobile robot system, and solve the problem of mobile robot path planning such that the target(More)
The security system in a workplace or home is important to human life. Unlucky events are often caused by the negligence of humans. We have developed a modulebased security system for home automation. The structure of the security system contains many modules. Each module has two types of interface (wireless RF and speech). There are active and passive(More)
This article describes a multilevel multisensor-based security system that has multiple interfaces to be applied in an intelligent home. The security system contains four levels. There is a passive detection level, an active detection level, a system supervising level, and a remote supervising level. The control unit of these passive modules is a HOLTEK(More)
The paper researches the fire sources and programs escaping path using mobile robots for intelligent building, and presents the movement scenario in the experimental platform. The mobile robot has the shape of cylinder and its diameter, height and weight is 10cm, 18cm and 1.5kg. The controller of the mobile robot is MCS-51 microchip, and acquires the(More)
The article researChes path planning of the multiple task allocation problems using searching algorithms for multiple mobile robots, and solves the shortest path problems such that mobile robots can move from multiple start points to reach all task points in a colLision-free space. The searching algorithms contain auction algorithm, greedy algorithm and(More)
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