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Real-time information can enable travelers to adapt to changing traffic conditions and make better routing decisions in uncertain networks. In this paper, a generic description of real-time online information is provided based on three schemes using partial online information and one scheme with no online information. A theoretical analysis shows that more(More)
In this paper, we explore how cloud computing techniques can be used on mobile devices. We analyze the reason why Hadoop's performance is poor in MANET, most notably, relying too much on distributed filesystem, and not aware of mobility and multi-hop nature of MANET. Two ways are proposed to deploy mobile cloud computing in an efficient manner: MobSched, a(More)
Wireless access networks have been widely deployed in urban areas. However, current network managers on mobile devices cannot provide continuous connectivity for applications when the device is moving from one access network to another. In this paper, we propose a Self-Organizing Network Manager (SONM). It organizes different wireless links to provide more(More)
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