Song Ding

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" Cloud-based " Internet services rely on the availability and reliability of managed data centers. Recent events indicate that data centers tend to create centralized points of failure, and providing resilience to large-scale faults remains a significant challenge for both providers and users of cloud in-frastructures. Running data centers also incurs high(More)
A control-plane architecture for supporting advance reservation of dedicated bandwidth channels on a switched network infrastructure is described including the front-end web interface, user and token management scheme, bandwidth scheduler, and signaling daemon. A path computation algorithm for bandwidth scheduling is proposed based on an extension of(More)
We propose a binary decision fusion rule that reaches a global decision on the presence of a target by integrating local decisions made by multiple sensors. Without requiring a priori probability of target presence, the fusion threshold bounds derived using Chebyshev's inequality ensure a higher hit rate and lower false alarm rate compared to the weighted(More)
We consider a network of sensors distributed in a target area providing environmental measurements that are subject to normally distributed, independent additive noise. Each sensor node applies a threshold rule to the measurements to decide the presence of a target; the distance to the target together with the threshold value determines its hit and false(More)
BACKGROUND Educators continue to search for better strategies for medical education. Although the unifying theme of reforms was "increasing interest in, attention to, and understanding of the knowledge base structures", it is difficult to achieve all these aspects via a single type of instruction. METHODS We used related key words to search in Google(More)
For the requirements of formal expression of the system engineering language: SysML, we proposes a translation approach from SysML block diagram to description logic (SHIOQ(D)) knowledge base which plays a key role in semantic Web. Syntax and equational semantics of SysML are discussed and difficulties for formalizing SysML graphical elements are analyzed(More)
Acknowledgements First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to my advisor, S.S.Iyengar and co-advisor N.S.V.Rao, for their inspiration to guide me to a deeper understanding of knowledge, and their invaluable comments during the whole research work on this dissertation. They always push the envelope of my ultimate research(More)
Although there exists many Semantic Web tools and APIs to help building semantic web applications, Java EE 3-tier architecture has been largely used in developing large enterprise applications. It is proved to be competent. Based on this architecture, we propose a layered architecture which is fit for developing semantic web applications. We discuss what(More)
The issues of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and moving target tracking are investigated in this paper. In EKF-based SLAM, the computational complexity significantly increases with the growing number of landmarks to be estimated. To solve this problem, the constrained local submap filter (CLSF) is used in this paper to reduce the computational(More)