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A feasible way to stimulate cooperation in the selfish ad hoc networks is to reimburse the forwarding service providers for their cost. However, to get more payments and maximize their utility, selfish nodes may lie about their cost. This poses the requirement of truth protocol. Up to now, the VCG mechanism is the only truthful mechanism for the least cost(More)
We have presented architectural and communication issues in designing large-scale heterogeneous parallel systems using passive star-coupled optical interconnection. It has been shown that the no-code-migration task scheduling strategy generally performs better than the subtask-code-migration strategy. This shows that increases in the capacity and the I/O(More)
State class methods are a fundamental and most widely applied technique for timing analysis of Time Petri Nets (TPNs). However, the existing state class methods are not suitable for the computation of global time delay, which is an important issue for real-time systems. This paper presents a state class method for the analysis and verification of global(More)
Poor error-tolerance and polynomial taps restriction are the main issues of Walsh Hadamard Transform estimation method. This article is devoted to these issues and a novel soft fast PN sequence estimation algorithm based on weighting Walsh Hadamard Transform is proposed. Firstly, the theoretical analysis about error-tolerance likelihood bound of sequence(More)
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