Song-Charng Kong

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Carbon conversion during bubbling fluidized bed gasification of biomass" (2008). Retrospective Theses and Dissertations. Paper 15822. APPENDIX B: UNCERTAINTY ANALYSIS 151 B.1 General Uncertainty Analysis 152 B.2 Uncertainty in F 153 B.3 Uncertainty in W C (t ss) 153 B.4 Uncertainty in R e (t ss) 154 B.5 Sample Uncertainty Calculations 155 iv LIST OF FIGURES(More)
Reduced chemical kinetic mechanisms developed and tested using the CARM-PSE software have been implemented into a variety of CFD codes. When used in the commercial code Fluent, a CARM-PSE created reduced mechanism performs well for predicting the major species and temperature of the Sandia D flame. Predictions for radical and pollutant species are not as(More)
16. Abstract Biodiesels are often marketed as being cleaner than regular diesel for emissions. Emission test results depend on the biodiesel blend, but laboratory tests suggest that biodiesels decrease particulate matter, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and air toxins when compared to regular diesel. Results for the amount of oxides of nitrogen (NO x) have(More)
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