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Land Use Effects on the Distribution of Labile Organic Carbon Fractions through Soil Profiles
Labile fractions of organic matter can respond rapidly to changes in C supply and are considered to be important indicators of soil quality. However, much less is known on the impact of differentExpand
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Dynamics of soil organic carbon and its fractions after abandonment of cultivated wetlands in northeast China
Abstract Soil organic carbon (SOC) and its different labile fractions are important in minimizing negative environmental impacts and improving soil quality. However, very little is known of theExpand
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Sustainable agriculture development in saline-alkali soil area of Songnen Plain, Northeast China
There is great potential for agriculture in saline-alkali soil area in Songnen Plain, Northeast China. But the sustainable crop production in this area has been restricted by a few of main factors,Expand
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Soil organic carbon storage under different land-use types in Sanjiang Plain.
Soil organic carbon (SOC) storage in soil of 1m-depth profiles (totally 16) under 5 different land-use types in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China was analyzed. Content and density of SOC decreased inExpand
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Short-term dynamics of carbon and nitrogen after tillage in a freshwater marsh of northeast China
Abstract The Sanjiang Plain, one of the largest freshwater marshes in China, has experienced intensive cultivation over the past 50 years. However, there were few reports of short-term dynamics ofExpand
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Relationship of Ecosystem Respiration with Temperature,Nitrogen and Plant in Freshwater Marshes
The ecosystem respiration was constrained by temperature,nutrient(particularly N) availability and plant growing-status in freshwater marshes.Studying the ecosystem respiration CO_2 from theExpand
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Techniques of Controlling Secondary Soil Salinization in the West of Songnen Plain
The controlling of secondary soil salinization may take into account four main complex factors: leaching, groundwater table, time and modifier in the west of Songnen Plain. The change of salinityExpand
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The Main Terrestrial Ecosystem Services and Ecological Security in China
Ecosystem service has become a hot topic in international ecological research with two major trends of advancing ecosystem service mechanism and regional integration methodologies.At the sameExpand
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Hydroponic Uptake and Distribution of Nitrobenzene in Phragmites Australis: Potential for Phytoremediation
Phragmites australis was grown hydroponically in nutrient solutions containing nitrobenzene to examine the potential for treatment of contaminated waters through phytoremediation. The hydroponicExpand
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