Song B. Park

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We propose a fast nearest neighbor finding algorithm, named tentatively an ordered partition, based on the ordered lists of the training samples of each projection axis. The ordered partition contains two properties, one is ordering¿to bound the search region, and the other is partitioning¿to reject the unwanted samples without actual distance computations.(More)
In order to estimate the mean frequency and variance of the diagnostic ultrasound Doppler signal in the presence of clutter noise, a new estimator using a second-order autoregressive (AR) model, called the AR estimator, is proposed. The sampled signal that contains information of both the Doppler signal and clutter is described by the second-order AR model(More)
  • Lo 'ai Tawalbeh, Alexandre Tenca, Song Park, C Etin Koç
  • 2005
This paper presents a scalable Elliptic Curve Crypto-Processor (ECCP) architecture for computing the point multiplication for curves defined over the binary extension fields (GF (2 n)). This processor computes modular inverse and Montgomery modular multiplication using a new efficient algorithm. The scalability feature of the proposed crypto-processor(More)
Signal-to-noise ratio and image resolution in an ultrasonic imaging system are compared for four kinds of excitation signals, namely, a single pulse, an unmodulated pseudo-random code, a modulated pseudo-random code and a deconvolved pseudo-random code, all for a given length and amplitude. It was predicted and found from measurements that the best S/N and(More)
A two-dimensional recursive estimation algorithm based on the asymmetric half-plane model is described for the problem of MMSE (minimum mean-square error) filtering. The optimum filtering problem is solved by formulating the asymmetric half-plane ARMA (autoregressive moving average) model for two-dimensional data. The sequential parameter identification(More)
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