Soner Yildirim

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Despite large investments by higher education institutions in technology for faculty and student use, instructional technology is not being integrated into instruction in higher education institutions including medical education institutions. While the diffusion of instructional technologies has reached a saturation point among early adopters of technology,(More)
The purpose of this study is to investigate the main barriers and possible enablers for integrating information and communication technologies (ICTs) in Turkey’s pre-service teacher education programs. The data were collected by means of questionnaires from 53 deans in schools of teacher education (STE), 111 teacher educators, and 1,330 prospective(More)
In the early days of educational computing, dating roughly from the launch of Sputnik in 1957 to the advent of personal computers, teacher education programs addressed professional development needs for technology through inservice training programs. In 1983, when the report, A Nation at Risk, recommended that students be required to take a high school(More)
This paper reports the findings of a study conducted on a foreign language course at a large mid-west university in the USA. In the study a web-based tool which supports both linear and non-linear learning environments was designed and developed for this course. The aim of this study was to find out students’ preferences pertaining to the learning(More)
On-line collaboration is an instructional method that facilitates collaboration in an on-line learning setting. To promote effective collaboration, it is vital to reveal both the student’s and the instructor’s point of view pertaining to effective on-line collaboration. In this study, the effectiveness of a learning management system in on-line(More)
Technology integration into the classroom has a major role in creating rich learning and teaching environments. It is obvious that the success of the effective use of technology in classrooms highly depends on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teachers who are responsible for integrating technology and mentoring other teachers in using it(More)