Soner Mamuk

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This study was undertaken to evaluate the role of brain PGD2 activity during PTZ induced seizures in rats. Potentiation of endogenous PGD2 activity caused an anti-convulsant effect. Thus, after PGD2 injection (5 microg/icv) the latency of generalized tonic clonic convulsions was prolonged. ZK 118.182, a stable analogue of PGD2, dose-dependently inhibited(More)
The neuronal excitability has been evaluated at various phases of lipopolysaccharide (LPS; E. coli O111:B4, 250 μg/kg, ip)-induced hypothermia including the initial phase, the plateau (including the nadir) and the end of the response in biotelemetered adult Wistar rats. The latency of pentylenetetrazole-induced seizures (60 mg/kg, ip) was lower at the(More)
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