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Proper choice of denoising filter is a very important requirement for efficient image restoration because most of the filters only reduce the effect of the noise rather than removing it. This paper gives a comparative evaluation of different de-speckling algorithms through the quantitative analysis of uteral ultrasound images. The performance of seven(More)
Automatic segmentation of retinal blood vessels from fundus images plays an important role in the computer aided diagnosis of retinal diseases. The task of blood vessel segmenta-tion is challenging due to the extreme variations in morphology of the vessels against noisy background. In this paper, we formulate the segmentation task as a multi-label inference(More)
This paper demonstrates the power of one of the recent but strong computing method for solving ordinary partial differential equations (ODE) & partial differential equations (PDE). Many mathematical models are governed by differential equations and hence due to large data involved, the only possible solution is numerical solution. The basic features of(More)
This paper analyzes the performance of sum of squared differences (SSD), sum of absolute differences (SAD), normalized cross correlation (NCC), zero mean normalized cross correlation (ZNCC) and several other proposed modified expressions of NCC. Experimental results on real images demonstrate that some of the proposed modified expressions of NCC are more(More)
This paper presents a numerical study of natural convection within a wavy enclosure heated via corner heating. The considered enclosure is a square enclosure with left wavy side wall. The vertical wavy wall of the enclosure and both of the corner heaters are maintained at constant temperature, T c and T h , respectively, with T h > T c while the remaining(More)
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