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This paper provides review of different interleavers schemes in Interleave Division Multiple Access (IDMA) system, Interleavers in IDMA plays a significant role as the only medium to recognize different signal from different users. In this paper, the performance of random interleaver, helical interleaver and tree based interleaver are compared based on(More)
Abstract— Drug Discovery is a tedious process and involves lot of iterations and different processes for the final approval. The pres ent work focus on prediction of molecular class of an unknown protein. The sequence data is taken from HPRD (Human Protein Reference Database) and then the different features are explored for each molecular sequence using(More)
In Recent years, Interleave Division Multiple Access (IDMA) scheme has gained a remarkable attention in wireless communication due to high spectral efficiency, high speed of communication services and low cost of receiver. This paper presents the S-Random interleaver based IDMA scheme. User specific S-Random interleaver provides good spreading and also(More)
This paper presents S-Random interleaver based Interleave Division Multiple Access (IDMA) scheme. S-Random interleaver provides good spreading parameter which produce less correlated extrinsic values and also lowers down the error floor, hence better the system performance. As interleavers in IDMA used to recognize the different signal from the different(More)
Most of the existing forecasting techniques give the basic idea of crop production per year. There are various forecasting techniques, we have worked on two techniques one is Fuzzy Time Series and another one is Diffusion of Innovation. Research paper will focus on (SAII) study, analyze, improve and implement strategies of forecasting techniques depending(More)
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