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Signaling system of a railway organization provides the movement authority to the train drivers and therefore performs a safety-critical function. Various entities e.g. signal, train detectors (track circuit / axle counter), point, level crossing gates, sidings etc. are Interlocked to achieve safety. In modern signaling systems, computers are being used as(More)
This technique uses multiple failing runs in order to rank program statements according to likelihood of being faulty. However, the technique implicitly assumes that all considered failing runs fail due to the same error. In the event that multiple simultaneous errors are present in software, different failing runs may fail due to different errors,. This(More)
Software does not always behave as expected due to errors. These errors can potentially lead to disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, debugging software errors can be difficult and time-consuming. Many techniques to automatically locate errors have been developed, but the results are far from ideal. Unlike other techniques that analyze existing state(More)
— For establishment of any new organization as industry or school or hospitals etc., on a geographical area, the decision and intelligence of human being are required as, the location has proper habitat factors for living or the location has less-possibilities to get affected by disasters. Some time it may happen that we don't know some probable conditions(More)
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