Sonam Mandal

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We present Dmdedup, a versatile and practical primarystorage deduplication platform suitable for both regular users and researchers. Dmdedup operates at the block layer, so it is usable with existing file systems and applications. Since most deduplication research focuses on metadata management, we designed and implemented a flexible backend API that lets(More)
Block-layer data deduplication allows file systems and applications to reap the benefits of deduplication without requiring per-system or per-application modifications. However, important information about data context (e.g., data vs. metadata writes) is lost at the block layer. Passing such context to the block layer can help improve deduplication(More)
Deduplication has become essential in disk-based backup systems, but there have been few long-term studies of backup workloads. Most past studies either were of a small static snapshot or covered only a short period that was not representative of how a backup system evolves over time. For this paper, we collected 21 months of data from a shared user file(More)
Computers are consuming more than 10% of world’s energy use, and this amount is still growing every year. This means that even a small percentage improvement in the performance and energy efficiency of computer systems could have a significant impact world wide. Many production systems are I/O bound, spending large amount of time waiting for file system and(More)
Data deduplication is a technique used to improve storage utilization by eliminating duplicate data. Duplicate data blocks are not stored and instead a reference to the original data block is updated. Unique data chunks are identified using techniques such as hashing, and an index of all the existing chunks is maintained. When new data blocks are written,(More)
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