Sonam Mahajan

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Proteins secreted by the white-rot, softwood-degrading fungus Phanerochaete carnosa during growth on cellulose and spruce were analyzed using tandem mass spectrometry and de novo sequencing. Homology-driven proteomics was applied to compare P. carnosa peptide sequences to proteins in Phanerochaete chrysosporium using MS BLAST and non-gapped alignment. In(More)
Biochemical studies to elucidate the structural basis for xyloglucan specificity among GH12 xyloglucanases are lacking. Accordingly, the substrate specificity of a GH12 xyloglucanase from Aspergillus niger (AnXEG12A) was investigated using pea xyloglucan and 12 xylogluco-oligosaccharides, and data were compared to a structural model of the enzyme. The(More)
The softwood degrading white-rot fungus, Phanerochaete carnosa, was investigated for its ability to degrade two coniferous woods: balsam fir and lodgepole pine. P. carnosa grew similarly on these wood species, and like the hardwood-degrading white-rot fungus Ceriporiopsis subvermispora, P. carnosa demonstrated selective degradation of lignin, as observed by(More)
Biodiesel is composed of fatty acid methyl esters, currently made from vegetable oils using basic catalysts. The oils must be reacted two or three times with methanol, in the presence of sodium methoxide to make products which meet the ASTM and European biodiesel standards. It is also believed that sodium hydroxide can never be used as the catalyst because(More)
Computer security relies on cryptography as a means to protect the data that we people have become increasingly reliant on. The main research in computer security domain is how to enhance the speed of RSA algorithm. The computing capability of Graphic Processing Unit as a co-processor of the CPU can leverage massive-parallelism. CUDA and OpenCL are the two(More)
Every author seeks to optimize the QOS in MANET network through routing. Essentially, Qos optimization is used to enhance the life time so that less energy can be consumed, additional packets should be distributed with less Bit Error Ratio and less routing overhead. In this research, the performance analysis of DSR routing protocol is evaluated. Firstly the(More)
AIM To evaluate the bonding of composite to glass ionomer cement (GIC) using two different bonding systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS The occlusal surface of 30 teeth was flattened and they were divided into three groups. In Group A, composite (Filtek" Z350 XT, 3M ESPE, USA) was bonded to GIC (Fuji II, GC Corporation, Japan) after initial setting of the GIC(More)
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