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Stroke in pediatric patients is distinctive as compare to adults. The authors report a rare case of familial hypertriglyceridemia type IV who had left hemiparesis with cerebellar signs. There was no history of oral trauma, head injury, convulsions, acute gastroenteritis, meningitis or otitis media.
Amyloidosis, either primary or secondary, may be defined as a group of chronic infiltrative disorders that have in common a beta-pleated sheet configuration on X-ray diffraction examination, a fine fibrillar nonbranching appearance on electron microscopy and an apple-green birefringence when examined under polarised light after staining with Congo-red.(More)
A prospective study was conducted to determine the incidence of essential hypertension (EH) and identify markers, if any, in children of essential hypertension families. The study group included 90 children (2-18 years) with a parent or grandparent with EH while the control group had 25 age matched children from non-hypertensive families. Around 30%(More)
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