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In this paper, graph coloring has been done using artificial bee colony (ABC) optimization algorithm. Graph coloring deals with the challenge of coloring the nodes of any graph by least possible number of colors while ensuring on same time that two adjacent nodes does not gain same color. That least possible count of colors used denotes the chromatic number(More)
This paper present a Improved Algorithm for Image Segmentation System for a RGB colour image, and presents a proposed efficient colour image segmentation algorithm based on evolutionary approach i. e. improved Genetic algorithm. The proposed technique, without any predefined parameters determines the optimum number of clusters for colour images. The optimal(More)
This paper presents several architectures and designs of 8-bit Multiplier Accumulator (MAC) for DSP applications. Modifications have been made to existing architectures and their performances compared for speed, area and power consumption. The designs have been coded and simulated in Verilog using ModelSim and synthesized using Cadence RC Compiler and UMC(More)
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