Sonali S. Patil

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Our previous work demonstrated that Xenopus ectoderm cells undergo an alkalinization in response to planar inductive signals during neural induction in explants. We have examined the role of intracellular alkalinization in the establishment of anterior neural fate. First, RT-PCR was used to examine neural-specific gene expression in planar explants in which(More)
Secret Sharing Schemes (SSS) refers to method for distributing a secret amongst a group of participants, each of whom is allocated a share of the secret. The secret can be reconstructed only when a sufficient number of shares are combined together; individual shares are of no use on their own. Secret sharing has been an active research field for many years(More)
A 2-out-of-2 audio cr yptogr aphy is a secret shar ing scheme that can be used to hide a digital message into 2 sounds and human ear s can perceive the message by playing these 2 sounds simultaneously. In this paper a new (2, 2) Audio Cr yptogr aphy Scheme is proposed. The proposed scheme hides a digital secret message into two specified cadence. The or(More)
The novel gene ashwin was isolated in a differential display screen for genes activated or up-regulated early in neural specification. ashwin is expressed maternally and zygotically, and it is up-regulated in the neural ectoderm after the midgastrula stage. It is expressed in the neural plate and later in the embryonic brain, eyes, and spinal cord.(More)
Verifiable Secret Sharing Schemes (VSSS) allow the participants to verify their shares as consistent. Verifiable Secret Sharing provides the verifiability of the received shares to the participants. Most of these schemes require additional computation in the form of certificate vectors or error correction codes. This paper presents a threshold verifiable(More)
— There are some application areas where increasing concerns over personal information in computer system has increased interest in computer security. Increasing access to the internet and information resources has a great impact in our everyday life and in making people more dependent on computer systems and networks. This dependency has brought many(More)
Cloud computing is the term which opens the new era of computing terminology or metaphor based utility and consumption of computing resources over web. The internet and central remote services of cloud computing retains the data, applications which offers much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing bandwidth and other concerned(More)