Sonali Patil

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BACKGROUND Cellular processes depend on the function of intracellular molecular networks. The curation of the literature relevant to specific biological pathways is important for many theoretical and experimental research teams and communities. No current tool supports web publication or hosting of user-developed large scale annotated pathway diagrams.(More)
BACKGROUND Dendritic cells are antigen-presenting cells that play an essential role in linking the innate and adaptive immune systems. Much research has focused on the signaling pathways triggered upon infection of dendritic cells by various pathogens. The high level of activity in the field makes it desirable to have a pathway-based resource to access the(More)
The growth in the usage of internet has increased the demand for fast and accurate user identification and authentication. New threats, risks and vulnerabilities emphasize the need of a strong authentication system. Automated methods based on physiological characteristics of user are widely used to identify and verify the user. Biometric is the technology(More)
Bar code provides convenient way for people labeling a tag on a product so that people can easily and quickly identify the content of product itself. Large information of any product can be store in the form of bar codes which reduces the size of data. When this bar code contains important data or privacy information, the risk of security becomes an(More)
Breast cancer is a deadly disease and should be treated at right time to save life from death. Tumor demarcation from digital mammograms is important for classification of benign and malignant masses. Computer aided systems can provide accurate results for breast tumors which can help radiologists in distinguishing malignant masses from benign. Segmentation(More)
Aligning similar molecular structures is an important step in the process of bio-molecular structure and function analysis. Molecular surfaces are simple representations of molecular structure that are easily constructed from various forms of molecular data such as 3D atomic coordinates (PDB) and Electron Microscopy (EM) data. We present a Multi-Scale(More)
Diabetes is a flopping of the body caused due to the absence of insulin and has gained popularity, globally. Physicians analyze diabetes using a blood glucose test; we cannot visibly categorize the person as diabetic or not based on these indicators. A pre-diabetic stage can aware the doctors and the patient about the denigrating health and can conscious(More)
Theatres and its derivatives have for long been the major entertainment/education/information source for human society. Recent advances in computer graphics and virtual reality technology give us an opportunity to create an environment, which mimics the theatre on personal computers using synthetic characters and objects. Our observation indicates that such(More)
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