Sonali Anil Deshpande

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Food intake is a fundamental parameter in animal studies. Despite the prevalent use of Drosophila in laboratory research, precise measurements of food intake remain challenging in this model organism. Here, we compare several common Drosophila feeding assays: the capillary feeder (CAFE), food labeling with a radioactive tracer or colorimetric dye and(More)
Food consumption is thought to induce sleepiness. However, little is known about how postprandial sleep is regulated. Here, we simultaneously measured sleep and food intake of individual flies and found a transient rise in sleep following meals. Depending on the amount consumed, the effect ranged from slightly arousing to strongly sleep inducing.(More)
Microbes play an important role in the pathogenesis of nutritional disorders such as protein-specific malnutrition. However, the precise contribution of microbes to host energy balance during undernutrition is unclear. Here, we show that Issatchenkia orientalis, a fungal microbe isolated from field-caught Drosophila melanogaster, promotes amino acid harvest(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the prevalent use of Drosophila as a model in studies of nutrition, the effects of fundamental food properties, such as pH, on animal health and behavior are not well known. OBJECTIVES We examined the effect of food pH on adult Drosophila lifespan, feeding behavior, and microbiota composition and tested the hypothesis that pH-mediated(More)
The Drosophila GeneSwitch system facilitates the spatial and temporal control of gene expression through dietary supplementation of mifepristone (RU486). Because experimental and control groups differ only by treatment with RU486, confounding results from using flies of different genetic backgrounds are eliminated, making GeneSwitch especially useful in(More)
A mobile device is a very powerful to support increasing multimedia functions. To support these high computing and high bandwidth operations on a mobile device with limited energy, the power-aware design concept is expected to be introduced for further power optimization. A power-aware system is a design that can adaptively adjust its power consumption to(More)
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