Sonalee P Shah

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BACKGROUND The perception that older cancer patients may be at higher risk than younger patients of toxic effects from cancer therapy but may obtain less clinical benefit from it may be based on the underrepresentation of older patients in clinical trials and the known toxic effects of cytotoxic chemotherapy. It is not known how older patients respond to(More)
The views presented in this paper are those of the author's alone and do not necessarily represent those of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago or the Federal Reserve System. The Occasional Paper Series is part of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's Public Policy Studies series. This series includes papers on various policy issues that are generally less(More)
Adrenocortical dysplasia (acd) is a spontaneous autosomal recessive mouse mutant with developmental defects in organs derived from the urogenital ridge. In surviving adult mutants, adrenocortical dysplasia and hypofunction are predominant features. Adults are infertile due to lack of mature germ cells, and 50% develop hydronephrosis due to ureteral(More)
Squamous cell carcinoma is the predominant type of oral malignancy and is a result of oral carcinogenesis. Oral carcinogenesis is a mutifactorial and complex process related to the sequential occurrence of alterations in genetic structures, promoting inhibitory or excitatory effects of the tumor oncogenes and gene suppressors, compromising the(More)
As squamous cell carcinoma is the predominant type of oral malignancy , therefore methods to prevent, detect or treat it in the best way is constantly being searched for.Biomarkers are such agents which reveal genetic & molecular changes related to various endpoints of oral carcinogesis & thereby refine our ability of predicting it's biological course.They(More)
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