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Blockade of immune checkpoints (ICPs) has led to impressive responses in cancer patients. However, the impact of preexisting immunity and ICPs on the risk of malignant transformation in human preneoplasia has not been prospectively studied. We prospectively analyzed antigen-specific B/T-cell immunity, immune composition of the tumor microenvironment, and(More)
This paper describes the architecture of first and second generation current conveyor (CCI and CCII respectively) and designing an amplifier using second generation current conveyor. The designed amplifier through CCII+ can be used in various analog computation circuits and is superior in performance than the classical opamp. It provides better gain with(More)
Mobile ad-hoc network needs to take major concern of security due to vulnerable open environment and non-stationary mode. Mostly, offenders focus to attack on victim using these venerable points to affect resources and performance of the networks. Kinds of attack targeted on victim nodes which are influence resources actively and passively. Several works(More)
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