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— Recently, auction methods have been investigated as effective, decentralized methods for multi-robot coordination. Experimental research has shown great potential, but has not been complemented yet by theoretical analysis. In this paper we contribute a theoretical analysis of the performance of auction methods for multi-robot routing. We suggest a generic(More)
Teams of robots are more fault tolerant than single robots, and auctions appear to be promising means for coordinating them. In a recent paper at " Robotics: Science and Systems 2005, " we analyzed a coordination system based on sequential single-item auctions. We showed that the coordination system is simple to implement and computation and communication(More)
Dear Editor, Filaria is a common problem in India. The infection is seen endemically in the coastal regions especially around Orissa and Bihar. 1 Incidental filariasis has previously been described in cytology smears from a wide variety of sites 1 and its presence in a bone mar aspirate was described as early as 1976. association with hematologic(More)