Sonal Beniwal

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“REDTACTON” gives a whole new meaning to the term “networking”.It makes the human body as a communication network. HAN(Human Area Network). Body sensor networks are currently not very intuitive and not very reliable. In the last couple of years body coupled communications has been rediscovered after a period of disinterest.In this paper an overview of(More)
The cryptographic mechanism basically secure the data while performing the information distribution in an open environment. According to type of data, application or the user, different kind of secure cryptographic approaches are available. In this paper, the exploration to the different type of cryptographic approaches is discussed. The efficiency of these(More)
This paper presents effectiveness of cut off frequency of a low pass filter of communication disturbance observer (CDOB). This compensation technique requires system model only and not time model. So we can apply this compensation technique to both constant and variable time delay. In this paper, the validity of compensation technique with simulated result(More)
In this paper, we design and formulate a trust-based routing protocol for secure transactions, such as military and disaster relief operations, banking in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). The proposed approach is showing the idea of a trust model in the network layer of MANET.AODV is ad hoc on demand distance vector, this protocol starts the route specially(More)
:This article covers functions and applications of DWDM system components. The operation of each component is discussed indivi dually. DWDM terminology like Attenuation, dispersion, and optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) are measures of optical signal quality and are the key factors involved in DWDM system design and operation. From transmitter to(More)
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