Sonal Bakshi

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The ovarian tumour (OTU) domain of the nairovirus L protein has been shown to remove ubiquitin and interferon-stimulated gene 15 protein (ISG15) from host cell proteins, which is expected to have multiple effects on cell signalling pathways. We have confirmed that the OTU domain from the L protein of the apathogenic nairovirus Dugbe virus has(More)
Involvement of DNA polymerase (pol) enzymes in meiotic DNA repair has not been clearly understood in plants. DNA polymerase λ is involved in short patch DNA synthesis and base excision repair in both plants and animals. The presence and activity of the pol λ enzyme was studied in a protein isolated from spikelets during flower development stages of rice(More)
Paraptosis is mediated by several proteins, poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase being one of them. D. discoideum lacks caspases thus providing a better system to dissect out the role of PARP in paraptosis. The cell death phenotype in unicellular eukaryote, D. discoideum is similar to the programmed cell death phenotype of multicellular animals. However, the events(More)
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