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A major challenge to global malaria control and elimination is early detection and containment of emerging drug resistance. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods provide the resolution, scalability, and sensitivity required for high-throughput surveillance of molecular markers of drug resistance. We have developed an amplicon sequencing method on the Ion(More)
—Real Time Human-machine Interaction system using hand gesture Recognition to handle the mouse event , media player , image viewer .Users have to repeat same mouse and keyboard actions, inducing waste of time. Gestures have long been considered as an interaction technique that can potentially deliver more natural. A fast gesture recognition scheme is(More)
ABSTARCT: The ability of ANFIS will be follow various curves of the bipolar transistor and comparing with self defined Fuzzy Systems. The results show worse diagnostic than self-defined fuzzy if the input data has higher dispersion. Another achievement show two things: 1-Self defined fuzzy modeling is more powerful while we don't want to involve with more(More)
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