Sonaimuthu Ramesh

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The quality of the image is mainly based on the various phenomena which generally consume lots of memory that needs to be resolved addressed. The handling of the memory is mainly affected due to disorderly arranged pixels in an image. This may lead to salt and pepper noise which will affect the quality of the image. The aim of this study is to remove the(More)
The authors report the results of a preliminary study of a new technique of 180 degrees rotated anastomosis carried out as a primary anastomosis for ten neonates with jejunoileal atresia. The details of the technique are illustrated. The advantages of this technique over the conventional end-to-back anastomosis are discussed. A comparative analysis shows(More)
In this paper, we have furnished our ideas about this fully Biomimetric Mars Robot i.e. it has been designed based on the creatures that are still existent or extinct. This effectively adds to the quality of the robot. This robot is capable of taking the design of three different creatures, namely: a bird, a dinosaur and a rat. This robot has the feet of a(More)
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