Son-cheol Yu

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This paper presents an enhanced time-delay controller (TDC) for the position control of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) under disturbances. A conventional TDC performswell when the involved data acquisition rate is fast. However, in AUV control applications that use a Doppler velocity log (DVL) navigation system, we cannot keep the data acquisition(More)
This paper addresses acoustic camera DIDSON based object recognition method for AUVs(Autonomous Underwater Vehicles). The acoustic camera’s characteristics and display method based on various experiments and the acoustic camera model and efficient and reliable image recognition method for AUVs are proposed. As examples, the cubic and cylindrical objects(More)
In this paper we present the concept of a multi-AUV system interconnected by a smart cable that contains 3-D positioning sensors for rapid inspection of large underwater structures in a limited mission timeframe. The smart cable provides not only the position of the end-points (AUV locations) but also its own shape in real-time, while also acting as a(More)
In this paper, we describe the developed hovering-type AUV called “Cyclops” and discuss characteristics of imaging sonar DIDSON as an tool for AUV application. The Cyclops was designed to perform an advanced mission like object recognition, and its symmetric design enable to maximize the mobility of the vehicle. This hardware structure makes(More)
Image processing has been one of hot issues for real world robot applications such as navigation and visual servoing. In case of underwater robot application, however, conventional optical camera-based images have many limitations for real application due to visibility in turbid water, image saturation under underwater light in the deep water, and short(More)
We describe the developed hovering-type AUV called `Cyclops' and sea trial for ocean environment mission. The AUV system was optimally designed for the mission; high maneuverability, versatile sensor configuration, modular type HW/SW system, the unique system structure for multi-sensor management and control of data flow. The sea trial was conducted to(More)
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