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  • Son-Young Yi, Maa Lgorzata Peszy´nska, Ralph E Showalter
  • 2011
We study numerically a new model describing the multiscale flow of a single-phase incompressible fluid and transport of a dissolved chemical by advection and diffusion through a heterogeneous porous medium without the usual assumptions of scale separation. The new model includes as special cases the classical homogenized model as well as the double porosity(More)
Pseudoparabolic equations in periodic media are homogenized to obtain upscaled limits by asymptotic expansions and two-scale convergence. The limit is characterized and convergence is established in various linear cases for both the classical binary medium model and the highly heterogeneous case. The limit of vanishing time-delay parameter in either medium(More)
  • Ma Lgorzata Peszy´nska, Ralph Showalter, Anna Spagnuolo, Noel Walkington, M Peszy´nska, R Showalter +1 other
  • 2008
The Workshop. The participants were an interdisciplinary group of scientists working on various aspects of nonlinear coupled phenomena occuring at multiple spatial and temporal scales in natural and man-made environments. Their backgrounds ranged from internationally recognized senior researchers and mid-career scientists to recent Ph.D.'s and graduate(More)
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