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This paper introduces a bluetooth-based e-learning system, which enables mobile learning from anywhere using a variety of devices, including cell phones, PDAs, and laptops. Different from current e-learning systems, which require the access to the Internet or other pre-established networks, the bluetooth-based e-learning system can establish a wireless(More)
Universal personal computing (UPC) is a new paradigm for nomadic computing over the internet, where mobile users can access computing resources, network services, and personalized computing environments anywhere using any available terminals. The idea of UPC was rst proposed by Li and Leung [1, 2] , and the rst system to validate the concept and(More)
Mobile phones have recently become more common in human's life. Mobile learning can be any time anywhere and any device access information. Mobile learning can be broadly defined as 'the exploring ubiquitous handheld technologies along with wireless and cellular networks, to provide, support, improve and extend the context of teaching and(More)
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