Son Vuong

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This paper introduces a bluetooth-based e-learning system, which enables mobile learning from anywhere using a variety of devices, including cell phones, PDAs, and laptops. Different from current e-learning systems, which require the access to the Internet or other pre-established networks, the bluetooth-based e-learning system can establish a wireless(More)
Complicated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems have created problems in systems regarding an easy implementation and interoperability for a Web-enabled Healthcare Solution, which is normally provided by an independent healthcare giver with limited IT knowledge and interests. An EMR system with well-designed and user-friendly interface, such as(More)
  • Jinsong Zhu, Maria Törö, Victor Leung, Son Vuong
  • 1998
Universal Personal Computing (UPC) supports nomadic computing on the Internet by allowing mobile users to access their personalized computing resources anywhere on the Internet using any available terminal. Since UPC must deal with heterogeneous systems in a mobile environment, independence of computing platforms and support of portable objects are(More)
We discuss two common architectures intended to support the internetworking of wireless networks and the Internet. The \proxy architecture" uses a TCP gateway to provide a straightforward and easy solution. On the other hand, the \end-to-end architecture" implies more design issues but is deemed to provide a more elegant solution in the long-term. The(More)
  • Juan Li, Son Vuong, M Sc, In, Research Experience
  • 2003
Interests My research interests mainly lie in: (1) distributed searching especially semantics-based searching, (2) overlay network including architecture, topology, and routing algorithms, (3) semantic web technologies. I am also interested in social network, and knowledge discovery. ¾ Ontological topology adaptation: Proposed a scheme to partition the(More)
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