Son Thanh Nguyen

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Knowledge about drug use and its association with HIV risk among men who have sex with men is limited. Although the HIV epidemic among this population in Vietnam is increasingly acknowledged, understanding the impact of drug use on the spread of HIV is largely lacking. Using qualitative data from in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with 93 drug(More)
The concept of “cloud” becomes a common metaphor for an Internet accessible infrastructure, e.g. data storage and computing hardware, which is hidden from users. Cloud computing makes data truly mobile and a user can simply access a chosen cloud with any internet accessible device. In cloud computing, IT-related capabilities are provided as(More)
A new secure power aware many-to-many routing protocol for wireless sensor and actuator networks is introduced. The protocol has two versions. The first version is designed for networks where every node transmits at the same power level. The second version is for the case where nodes can individually adjust the transmission power according to the channel(More)
Integer factorization is an interesting but a hard problem and stays at the core of many security mechanisms. Conventional approaches to factor big integer numbers often require powerful computers and a great effort in software development. In this paper, we present a different approach to this problem by running the quadratic sieve algorithm in the Hadoop(More)
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