Son Seong Hyun

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A highly potent anti-MRSA sesquiterpenoid has been isolated from Ulmus davidiana var. japonica, which has been traditionally used to treat infectious diseases in Korea. This naturally occurring antibiotic was identified as mansonone F (1). This compound has been found to be highly active specifically against MRSA and showed an MIC range of 0.39-3.13(More)
This thesis studies the bias drift compensation of ring laser gyro (RLG) against external environment, especially thermal effects. Bias drift is linearly proportional to temperature, and temperature gradient. So thermal effects can be removed from gyro in terms of temperature, temperature gradient. This study also shows analytically the temperature change(More)
Sufentanil, a potent anilidopiperidine analgesic, was synthesized from a simple thiophenylethylamine via six step sequence. The key parts of this synthesis involved an efficient construction of thiophenylethylpiperidone by aminomethano desilylation-cyclization followed by Swern oxidation and a direct regioselective N-nucleophilic spiral epoxide cleavage(More)
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