Son Minh Tran

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This paper explores the new features of the recent MPEG-4 standard, namely the description and the composition of an interactive multimedia scene. Providing with such advanced facilities, the MPEG-4 standard is no longer considered only as an efficient compression tool for conventional video / audio application. It is now granted the power of computing(More)
In this paper, we propose an authoring tool referred to as ICCT (Interactive Content Creating Tool). The tool serves to easily generate as well as dynamically control a multimedia and interactive MPEG-4 content represented as a hierarchical scene graph. In the parametric mode of ICCT, scene-designer – using a user friendly interface for setting properties(More)
The work presents an alternative method for encoding shape-information of video objects, which is a new requirement in the recent revolution of video codec scheme: compressing and transmitting object-based video streams. The proposed method takes the advantage of the latest development in the video encoding — motion compensation on the base of mesh(More)
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