Son Le

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  • Zheng Peng, Son Le, Michael Zuba, Haining Mo, Yibo Zhu, Lina Pu +2 others
  • 2011
—In recent years, new challenges and emerging applications have inspired increasing research interests in the area of underwater networks. However, field experiments are expensive and not all the research work can be evaluated in real world scenarios in a timely fashion. This motivates our interest on developing an affordable, accessible and user friendly(More)
—Ben Clacy and Brian Jennings presented their recently published paper with the title of " service management: driving the future of IT " [1], which highlighted service oriented is very important. How is the situation of RFID systems? There is a proliferation of RFID systems – tags, sensors, readers, middleware and applications-each attempting to solve a(More)
  • Zheng Peng, Son Le, Michael Zuba, Haining Mo, Hao Zhou, Jun-Hong Cui +4 others
  • 2013
Underwater Wireless Networks (UWNs) have gained significant attention in recent years given their ability to expand underwater monitoring and detection applications. In this paper, we share our experience from a recent field experiment in the Atlantic Ocean, in which we have deployed an 11 node UWN. We discuss the system architecture, both hardware and(More)
—In this paper, we present a networked acoustic modem system (NAMS) by integrating a high-speed OFDM modem and a comprehensive underwater network protocol stack for underwater applications. This integrated system allows different underwater network protocols to run on top of the OFDM modem platform and can provide high-speed, reliable and efficient(More)
  • Michael Zuba, Carlos Villa, Alexandria Byrd, Chris Fedge, Son Le, Haining Mo +3 others
  • 2012
—Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) networks are becoming increasingly popular in scientific, commercial, and military applications. AUVs are used in undersea exploration and environmental monitoring for tasks such as detection of oilfields and marine life, distributed tactical surveillance for offshore and seaport defense and mine reconnaissance. AUV(More)
An unusual origin of the flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle of the right hand was discovered during cadaveric dissection. The muscle originated from the anterior aspect of the transverse fibers of the distal antebrachial fascia and inserted onto the base of the fifth proximal phalanx. When traction was applied to the proximal portion of the muscle, flexion(More)
—The past few years have witnessed a significant progress in the research of underwater wireless networks. Many protocols and applications have been proposed. However, due to high costs of field tests, not all research work can be evaluated in real environment. To facilitate the researches of underwater networks, we develop a lab testbed based on the(More)
We describe a new kukri snake, Oligodon condaoensis sp. nov., from Con Dao Islands, southern Vietnam based on the morphological characters of four specimens. It differs from other congeners by a combination of the following characters: medium size in adults (total length up to 552 mm); 17-17-15 dorsal scale rows; deeply forked hemipenes without spines and(More)
In order to assist breeding and gene pool conservation in tropical Acacias, we aimed to develop a set of multipurpose SSR markers for use in both Acacia mangium and A. auriculiformis. A total of 51 SSR markers (developed in A. mangium and natural A. mangium x A. auriculiformis hybrid) were tested. A final set of 16 well-performing SSR markers were(More)