Son Lam Phung

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This work presents a study of three important issues of the color pixel classification approach to skin segmentation: color representation, color quantization, and classification algorithm. Our analysis of several representative color spaces using the Bayesian classifier with the histogram technique shows that skin segmentation based on color pixel(More)
In this paper, we propose a new neural architecture for classification of visual patterns that is motivated by the two concepts of image pyramids and local receptive fields. The new architecture, called pyramidal neural network (PyraNet), has a hierarchical structure with two types of processing layers: Pyramidal layers and one-dimensional (1-D) layers. In(More)
Video sequence resolution enhancement became a popular research area during the last two decades. Although traditional super-resolution techniques have been successful in dealing with image sequences, many constraints such as global translation between frames, have to be imposed to obtain good performance. In this paper, we present a new wavelet-based(More)
In daily interactions, humans convey their emotions through facial expression and other means. There are several facial expressions that reflect distinctive psychological activities such as happiness, surprise or anger. Accurate recognition of these activities via facial image analysis will play a vital role in natural human-computer interfaces, robotics(More)
The last decade has witnessed a great interest in using evolutionary algorithms, such as genetic algorithms, evolutionary strategies and particle swarm optimization (PSO), for multivariate optimization. This paper presents a hybrid algorithm for searching a complex domain space, by combining the PSO and orthogonal design. In the standard PSO, each particle(More)