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Named Entity Recognition is an important task but is still relatively new for Vietnamese. It is partly due to the lack of a large annotated corpus. In this paper, we present a systematic approach in building a named entity annotated corpus while at the same time building rules to recognize Vietnamese named entities. The resulting open source system achieves(More)
1 The Master and Dog Paradigm Topology discovery is a distributed algorithm that is at the core of several routing algorithms, such as link-state routing. It is the problem of each node in a network discovering and maintening information on the network topology. The problem is challenging as the network can change rapidly, indeed more rapidly than the nodes(More)
We continue the investigation with the integration of qualitative prob-abilistic reasoning into Event-B further towards the direction of having a tool support. In passing by, we formalise a non-trivial algorithm, namely Rabin's choice coordination. Our correctness reasoning is a combination of termination proofs in terms of probabilistic convergence and(More)
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