Son Do

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—Mobile authentication/identification has grown into a priority issue nowadays because of its existing outdated mechanisms, such as PINs or passwords. In this paper, we introduce gait recognition by using a mobile accelerometer as not only effective but also as an implicit identification model. Unlike previous works, the gait recognition only performs well(More)
BACKGROUND Pregabalin, (S)-3-aminomethyl-5-methyl hexanoic acid, is a ligand for the α2δ subunit (a component of voltage-gated calcium channels) and has analgesic and anticonvulsant properties. Glutamate uptake by glutamate transporters may be a mechanism for these properties. We investigated the effects of pregabalin on the activity of the neuronal(More)
Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is a growing public health problem in many countries. In this study, we investigated HEV seroprevalence among the general population in the Siem Reap province, Cambodia, and performed HEV genetic analysis with the aim to develop an HEV prevention strategy. This seroepidemiological cross-sectional study conducted from 2010 to 2014(More)
UNLABELLED By using two electrode voltage clamps, we investigated the effects of isoflurane on m3 and chimeric m1/m3 muscarinic receptors and the role of protein kinase C (PKC) in the effects. Muscarinic receptors were expressed by injection of mRNA into Xenopus oocytes, and Ca(2+)-activated Cl(-) currents were measured after the application of(More)
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