Son-Binh Nguyen

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The conjunction of high resolution genetic maps based on (CA)n microsatellite markers (1) and fluorescent genotyping (2) has led to research programs which require the determination of hundreds of thousands of genotypes. However, the migration profile of a (CA)n microsatellite marker after PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is often complicated because of(More)
When DNA hybridization is used to link together nanoparticles or molecules, the melting transition of the resulting DNA-linked material often is very sharp. In this paper, we study a particularly simple version of this class of material based on a small-molecule-DNA-hybrid (SMDH) structure that has three DNA strands per 1,3,5-tris(phenylethynyl)benzene(More)
The Cope rearrangement of l,n-divinylbicycloalkanes has been employed for the synthesis of a series of meso-bridgehead dienes, molecules that contain two torsionally distorted carbon-carbon double bonds held in proximate relationship. The rate of Cope rearrangement does not correlate with reaction exothermicity or release of strain energy. A frontier(More)
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