Somyot Junnapiya

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A new full-wave rectifier circuit employing only two differential difference current conveyors (DDCCs) is presented. The proposed circuit exhibits high input impedance, good temperature stability and wide bandwidth. It is extremely simple and compact, and suitable for IC implementation. The circuit also offers a low output impedance terminal, which is(More)
This paper presents a new current-mode universal filter with three inputs and three outputs employing only two multiple-output current-controlled current conveyors and two grounded capacitors. The proposed circuit can simultaneously realize of lowpass, bandpass, highpass and bandstop current responses from same configuration. The proposed filter also enjoys(More)
This paper presents a new current-mode third-order quadrature oscillator. The proposed circuit, which uses one current-controlled current differencing transconductance amplifier (CCCDTA), one operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) and three grounded capacitors, can generate two quadrature voltage outputs and two quadrature current outputs. The(More)
This paper presents an alternative method used for analog domain to digital domain transformation based on bilinear transform. The Pascal matrix is used to transform analog transfer function on s plane to digital transfer function on z plane. Moreover, the frequency transformation from normalized analog low-pass filter prototype to digital low-pass,(More)
A current-controlled current-mode multiphase sinusoidal oscillator employing translinear current conveyors is presented. The proposed oscillator circuit, which uses only one translinear current conveyor and one grounded capacitor for each phase and can generate arbitrary n signals which are equal in amplitude and equally spaced in phase. The oscillation(More)
This paper presents a new current-mode current-controlled four-input five-output universal filter employing one current-controlled current conveyor (CCCII), one electronically tunable CCCII and two grounded capacitors. The proposed configuration provides lowpass, bandpass, highpass, bandstop and allpass current responses that taken from the high-output(More)
This paper presents an electronically tunable versatile biquadratic filter. Unlike the typical voltage-mode and current-mode filter, the proposed filter can realize voltage-mode, current-mode, transconductance-mode and transresistance-mode transfer functions without changing the circuit topology, called a mixed-mode filter. The proposed structure employs(More)
This paper presents a new electronically tunable voltage-mode quadrature sinusoidal oscillator employing four single-ended operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs) and two grounded capacitors. In general, the single-ended OTA configuration is simpler than the multiple-output OTA counterpart and the requirement of grounded capacitors is preferable for(More)
A new three inputs and single output voltage-mode universal biquadratic filter using only three plus-type differential difference current conveyors, two grounded capacitors and two grounded resistors is presented. The proposed circuit provides highpass, bandpass, lowpass, bandstop, and allpass voltage filters at high-input and low-output impedance, which(More)