Somya Rathi

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The use of positioning sensors on automobiles is becoming increasingly common with the desire to facilitate utility and traffic safety by giving the driver information on the automobiles position relative to the surroundings. In this paper we introduce a positioning technique based upon automobile LED lighting — either taillights or headlights(More)
Embedded Block Coding with optimized Truncation (EBCOT) is a very computation and hardware intensive algorithm. It consumes more than 50 percent processing time of JPEG2000 encoding system. In this paper, we present a new algorithm and architecture of Block Coder based on serial mode in JPEG2000. It processes two bit planes simultaneously along with the(More)
approved: ______________________________________________________ Zhongfeng Wang Nowadays, error correction codes have become an integral part in almost all the modern digital communication and storage systems. With the continuously increasing demands for higher speed and lower power communication systems, efficient VLSI implementations of those error(More)
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