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Marine Fish Landings in India 1985 -2004
It is well recognized that for an informed fishery management regime, information on catch and fishing effort is an important prerequisite. This, together with data on biological characteristics of
Overfishing and Climate Drives Changes in Biology and Recruitment of the Indian Oil Sardine Sardinella longiceps in Southeastern Arabian Sea
These environmental divergences coupled with the excessive capture (beyond maximum sustainable yields) of spawning stock and juveniles from 2010 has resulted in this biological catastrophe which has affected the livelihood of thousands of small-scale fishers.
Statistical package for social scientists- A preparatory exposition.In: Winter School onImpact of Climate Change on Indian Marine Fisheries held at CMFRI, Cochin 18.1.2008 to 7.2.2008
SPSS is an extensive package with facilities for data entry, data manipulation and statistical analysis in a graphical environment that has modules for survey analysis, graphical display and time series.
Estimation of length weight relationship in fishes
The length-weight relationship is one of the standard methods that yield authentic biological information and is of great importance in fishery assessments and establishes the mathematical relationship between the two variables, length and weight, and helps in assessing the variations from the expected weight for the known length groups.
Appraisal of the Marine Fisheries of Kerala
Kerala, the southwestern part of the peninsular India, has a narrow stretch of land with a long surf-beaten coast on the western side and a lush green mountain range on the eastern side. The
Methodology for the Estimation of Marine Fish Landings in India
The marine fisheries sector in India has witnessed a phenomenal growth during the last five decades both quantitatively and qualitatively. The subsistence fisheries during the early 50’s which
Fishery, biology and stock structure of skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis (Linnaeus, 1758) exploited from Indian waters
Sc scope for increasing the production from the present grounds is limited and hence the scope for enhancingProduction from the hitherto under-exploited grounds may be explored.
Trends in Landings
Among the different gears, drift and set gill nets and bag nets of varied mesh sizes are widely used along the east and west coasts while ring seines, purse seines and mechanised gill nets are
Demographic and socio-economic changes in the coastal fishing community of India
The results of correspondence analysis carried out for visual description of the association of economic status with the key indicators showed that, the below poverty class among fishermen were more associated with low family size compared to large sized families, which implicates to labour supply in a labour demanding socio-economy of marine fisheries.