Somsuta Chakraborty

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Gastric ulcer is a multifaceted process that involves reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation, extracellular matrix degradation and mitochondrial damage. Mitochondria play a crucial role for homeostasis of ROS and cell survival. In our study, we investigated the efficacy and mechanism of polymeric nanocapsuled quercetin (NQC) over the free quercetin (QC)(More)
The consumption of alcohol causes several liver-associated diseases all over the world. Alcoholic liver diseases (ALD) include hepatic inflammation, fatty liver, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and fibrosis and finally hepatocellular carcinoma. Although the cellular, metabolic and biochemical mechanisms for these diseases are quite explicable, the roles of(More)
AIM Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has no successful pharmacotherapeutic remedy. The aim of this study was to ascertain whether ginkgolide B (GB)-loaded polymeric nanocapsules can prevent diethylnitrosamine (DEN)-induced HCC in rats. MATERIALS & METHODS GB was fabricated in two types of nanocapsules of which one was polyethylene glycol coated (N1GB) and(More)
The liver plays a vital role in biotransforming and extricating xenobiotics and is thus prone to their toxicities. Short-term administration of carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) causes hepatic inflammation by enhancing cellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) level, promoting mitochondrial dysfunction, and inducing cellular apoptosis. Curcumin is well accepted for(More)
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