Somsubhra Talapatra

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This paper presents an unified digit-serial systolic multiplication architecture for all-one polynomials (AOP) and trinomial over GF (2m) for efficient implementation of Montgomery Multiplication (MM) algorithm suitable for cryptosystem. This is the first reported unified digit serial systolic digit level pipelined MM architecture for AOP and trinomials(More)
-With the increasing influence of digital network and communication, armour from perilous intrusion and corruption of information (e.g. image, video, speech etc) during transmission is a paramount issue. To protect the image and video from the unauthenticated access or tampering, watermarking is adopted as a solution. In this paper we have proposed a(More)
In this paper, a scalable VLSI multiplication architecture based on Montgomery multiplication (MM) algorithm for elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) over GF(p), where p is a positive prime and m is the degree of extension of the base field GF(p), is presented. The elements of the GF(p) are in polynomial basis (PB) representation. The coefficients of the(More)
With the reduction of supply voltage motivated bypower reduction, the signal to noise ratio of digital signals has reduced. Alternately, signal can be represented as current while the supply voltage still remaining small. This gives rise to the field of current mode signal processing circuits. In this work, we propose a current mode analog Walsh-Hadamard(More)
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