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The prevalence of the four human malaria parasites was investigated among malaria patients at northern, central and southern towns in Thailand along the border with Myanmar between September 1995 and(More)
This paper reports 2 studies. (i) After a year of baseline data collection, lambdacyhalothrin-treated bed nets were introduced into 3 of 5 villages in north-west Thailand, the remaining 2 being(More)
A larval survey of dengue vectors was conducted from July to November 1966 and from May to November 1997 in Chiangmai Province, Thailand. Three villages in urban, transition, and rural areas were(More)
Desbutyl-benflumetol (DBB) is a novel antimalarial compound closely related to benflumetol (lumefantrine), of which it is a putative metabolite. The in vitro response of Plasmodium falciparum to DBB(More)
We analysed the population genetic structure and differentiation regarding vector competence for a dengue virus of 15 Aedes aegypti samples collected from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Based on(More)
Artesunate was introduced in Thailand in 1995 for the treatment of falciparum malaria in areas of multidrug resistance, where it is used in combination with mefloquine. The studies were conducted(More)