Somnath Maity

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Numerical studies of higher-dimensional piecewise-smooth systems have recently shown how a torus can arise from a periodic cycle through a special type of border-collision bifurcation. The present article investigates this new route to quasiperiodicity in the two-dimensional piecewise-linear normal form map. We have obtained the chart of the dynamical modes(More)
We propose a method of estimating the fast-scale stability margin of dc–dc converters based on Filippov’s theory—originally developed for mechanical systems with impacts and stick-slip motion. In this method one calculates the state transition matrix over a complete clock cycle, and the eigenvalues of this matrix indicate the stability margin. Important(More)
Nonlinear phenomena in power electronic circuits are generally studied through discrete-time maps. However, there exist very few circuit configurations (like, for example, the current-mode-controlled dc–dc converters or current programmed H-bridge inverter) for which the map can be obtained in closed form. In this paper, we show that, in a(More)
Maintaining high efficiency and achieving fast dynamic response over wide load condition are extremely important in most modern power management applications, and also for various typical load demands. In this paper, we present the design of a fixed frequency hysteretic current (FFHC) controlled dual-mode tri-state dc-dc step-down (Buck) switching(More)
Decoupling of the stator currents is important for smoother torque response of indirect vector controlled induction motors. Typically, feedforward decoupling is used to take care of current coupling that requires exact knowledge of motor parameters, additional circuitry and signal processing. In this paper, a method is proposed to design the regulating(More)
This paper presents modeling and control of a standalone photovoltaic (PV) system in which a battery is used as a backup source for power management between the source and the load. Lead-acid battery is commonly used in high power PV applications due to its low cost and availability in large size. The modeling of PV system and lead-acid battery by using the(More)
Maintaining good voltage regulation and achieving fast dynamic response under sudden load fluctuation are extremely important in distributed generation (DG) as well as uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems. This paper presents a fixed frequency hysteresis controller, which is implemented on the basis of sliding mode control (SMC) technique and fixed(More)
Nonlinear phenomena in closed-loop pulsewidth modulation (PWM) dc/dc converters have been reported recently. In this paper, we investigate experimentally these phenomena in a voltage-mode controlled buck converter operating in continuous-conduction mode. In particular, the complex behavior of a voltage feedback buck converter is studied for wide variation(More)
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