Somnath Kadappa Holkar

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Leaf mid-rib yellowing along with yellowing of adjoining lamina and development of irregular yellow patches on leaf lamina was observed on two sugarcane varieties (CoLk 94184, CoSe 92423) during 2013–2014 crop season. Phytoplasma association with leaf yellows and leaf lamina with yellow patches symptomatic samples was confirmed through PCR and nested PCR(More)
Watermelon bud necrosis virus (WBNV) and Groundnut bud necrosis virus (GBNV) are two closely related tospovirus species infecting several crops in India. In the present study, specific diagnostic assays for these two most predominant tospoviruses were developed by comparing host reactions and genome sequence information. Bioassay was developed by sap(More)
Pleurotus spp. is one of the most important edible mushrooms cultivated in India. The present study was an attempt to compare five Pleurotus species in context of actual time required for each growth stage viz., spawn run period, number of days required for initiation of pin heads of sporophores, average weight of fruiting bodies in all the flushes and(More)
A Streptomyces strain was isolated from soil and was identified as Streptomyces spectabilis on the basis of 16 S rRNA gene sequencing. On screening for its ability to produce antimicrobial compounds, it was found to be active only against Gram positive bacteria. Attempts were made to optimize the culture conditions for the production of antimicrobial(More)
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