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BACKGROUND In this exploratory research, we use panel data analysis to examine the correlation between Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) and public health delivery at the country level. OBJECTIVE The goal of this exploratory research is to examine the strategic association over time between ICTs and country-level public health. METHODS(More)
The digital automation of health information has traditionally focused on the formal implementation of electronic health records (EHRs). Most of these EHR systems are relational databases that focus on intra-enterprise applications; very few have become fully functional, scalable, distributed systems with interoperability. This article identifies the design(More)
Security threats to IT systems have become extremely dynamic, requiring a rapid response. Because of this, traditional life cycle approaches to IT security may not work. Agile methodologies provide a framework for rapid response in a dynamic environment. This paper discusses the fundamentals of agile methodologies and how they can be applied to IT security.